Why Churches Should Have a Website

There's been an ongoing argument that churches shouldn't have websites. Such arguments are made by misinformed people who only view websites as advertising tools. There are plenty of reasons why a church should have fully functional website.  Also with the advancement of technology, there are numerous website building technologies that make it easy and affordable to have a website. If you are on the fence as to whether churches should have a site, then the following article highlight some of the reasons why it' s beneficial for a churches to have a web presence.

Connect with Congregants

Websites make it easy for the churches to connect and interact with their congregants regardless of their location. If the church is planning any activity or has news it want to spread, then multiply theme website is the best tool for all of that. Once the website admin publishes content on the site, members can be able to see whatever is posted immediately.  It would be very costly if a given church decided to use telephone to inform their member about upcoming events or activities. With content management systems powering website these days, the nature of communication has become even more interactive.

Spread Gospel

Aside connecting, interacting and informing congregants of the activities in the church, church websites can also be used to spread the gospel to more people. The good thing about the web is that a church has the ability to spread its message to people across the world. In the past, before the web came into being, churches that wanted to reach populations in other countries or continents had to physically travel in order to minister.

Now, people can actually receive the message wherever they are by just accessing websites online. Through tools like video conferencing technology it is now possible to hold meeting virtually from any corner of the world. Learn how to design website with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_2048895_design-website.html .


A church website can help church raise donations for the purposes of spreading the gospel. All one requires is to set up a donation button that's integrated with a payment merchant for money to go through. Churches do require donations from time to time in order to foot some of the expenses of spreading the gospel. In the end, having a website is easy nowadays compared to the past. It's also very affordable as church members can use content management systems such as wordpress  that cost very little to have a site up and running.